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Donnerstag, 12. Februar 2015

Memebox January 2015

Hello everyone,

Memebox left the global community. And just like when you are beeing left by a lover it feels like you will never find someone to love you again, ehm, I mean, like you´ll never be a skin care affiliate again. Let´s face it, my blog is rather small in comparison to others. However as I purchased every box with my own money anyway I will just move on to another shop. Gimme a moment. *sighs* Ok, let´s get ready. I technically have 4 more boxes on the way but I am not sure I will review those.

1. The choute Aurora Pearl base 30ml (full size! Price 18$)
What I think:
Enriched with peppermint extract and lemon blam this primer is meant to have micro declectors which  catch and reflect klight to give a subtle glow, make skin appear more perfect, hydating the skin, locking in moisture and brightening the overall complexion. On top of it it has a damn pretty packaging with a pearlesque sheen to it. I haven´t tried the base yet because I still use another one, but I am very curious to try it. I really hope the effect IS subtle and not in the discoball spectre.

2. Secret Nature Moringa Seed Toner 130 ml (full size! Price 31$)
What I think:
this toner is meant to clarify your skin with Morninga seed extracts, hibiskus flower, fermented lotus and purified water. This sounds really nice as I have a thing for fermented stuff. This toner is not on top of my list presently cause I have SO MUCH STUFF TO USE, but it will be used sooner or later ;-) It comes in a really nice glass bottle!

3. Pureplus Acai Berry Magic Bubble Cleansing Foam 80ml (full size! Price 12$)
What I think:
This cleansing foam is meant to be skin perfecting with the help of acai berries and other super berries. It probably smells nice, but I am not very excited about it. It claims collagen production increases when you use this cleanser. I don´t think a cleanser can do this. The packaging is rather boring and I have so many cleansers with skin perfecting claims. i think I will start using it in summer to smell the berries, not because I really believe it´s claims ;-)

4. Mimi Lauryne´s Beauty Lesson Hand Cream 50ml (Full size 17$)
What I think:
There were three fragrance options and I got citrus. The handcreams are enriched with macadamia seed oil and while I love macadamia and citrus I really can´t get excited about hand cream really...

5. Esthetic House Vitamin 3000 Vitamin C Vita Capsule Cream 30ml (full size! Price: 24$)
What I think:
I got the Vitamin B option in the Detox and Renew Box an I am curious to try them both. I anticipate that I will prefer the Vitamin C one because it helps with refining the appearance of pores and fades dark spots and pigmentation.

6. Syndrome Cosmetics Pouch Sample: CB Revitalizing Fermentation Essence 1g x 2 (full size 100ml, price 58$)
What I think:
I love galactomyces and anything anti aging, but two tiny pouches are not really suitable to test something about long term results. Also let´s take a moment and think about the companies name... Syndrome Cosmetics. Huh???

7. Syndrome Cosmetics Pouch Sample: CB Cream Gold 1g x 2 (full size 35ml, Price 55$9
What I think:
It is advertised as an miraculous facial cream which visibly brightens the skin tone and locks in moisture while providing anti wrinkling effects. I am suffering from the cosmetics pouch syndrome where you really want to have several pouches to give things a try. I would have preffered either 4 of this cream OR of the essence. This way it feels really meh to me.

This box has good moments (pearl base, moringa toner and Vita 3000 Cream), but also weaknesses (help! Another hand cream! oh no, tiny tiny pouches!) so it is really a mixed bag for me. Not among my favourites.

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