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Donnerstag, 12. Februar 2015

Memebox Korean Beauty Starter Set #2 Sampler Kit

Hello everyone,

Memebox is now officially closed for International buyers, but I still have some reviews to write. Granted, I am not an affiliate anymore (cause what sense would it make to promote something I can´t buy?). I bought a few more boxes before the closing, and thus I have 3 more to review and 4 (I think) more on the way. Well, that should be enough products to keep me busy for a while.

This set didn´t come with a printed card, but the contents where revealed on the Memebox site straight away....

What I think:

1. Pisteo Bright and Pure C Serum 7ml x5
We are starting with the main attraction of the box: I really, really wanted those! I love Vitamin C Serum (I have tried the OST C20 and the Unnie Vitamin Serum so far) and those were 25$ for one tiny bottle on the Memebox site. I had a OST C20 serum on my ebay watch list and considering this would have cost almost the same of the box, I went for the box instead ;-) Like this I get some awesome freebies, that´s the way I see it any way ;-)

2. Memebox Make up Pouch
Let´s be honest, this is not the cutest pouch ever, but it will come in handy when I take some stuff along for shootings as it´ll make things easy to find. It´s not the most luxurious item either and  wouldn´t have bought it in the shop. I consider it a freebie.

3. Too Cool for School Dinoplatz Cinema City 10ml
I had this CC Cream before and really liked it. It was adjusting to my skin really nicely and had a very nice feel. It comes out in a white colour and you rub it in your hands until you get a color match for your skin. This will be nice for travelling.

4. Botanic Hill Boh Radiant Youth Ampoule Essence  5ml
I had one of those in a previous Memebox. It is a nice ampoule which moisturizes your face, however I didn´t really feel that it did anything else. The consistency of this ampoule is oily, basically you have two liquids in this bottle and have to shake it so it mixes with each other. This is a handy size and actually those 5ml last forever because you only need a few drops per day.

 5. Dermalift Internsive Aqua Rich Cream 15ml x 3
As mentioned before this was a favourite item in a previous Memebox. So this was the second main attraction and reason why I wanted to have this specific box. The moisturizers gel formula sinks into your skin like a dream with ZERO residue. all you feel is wonderfully moisturized skin. The perfect product for spring and summer!

6. 7 Drops Moringa light Sunblock SPF ++5 7g
I don´t really get the product: The SPF is really low so I don´t really see myself using it.

7. Plagentra White Mark Cream 15g
I don´t really suffer from stretch marks (ok, I have a few, but nothing extraordinarity drastic) so I guess I will pass it on to someone else. This is an repeat product and  haven´t used the one I received previously either.

8. Ryo Anti Hairloss Treatment 2x50g
I received this before. Don´t let the description fool you - it is an conditioner, not a shampoo. I haven´t used it yet, considering I now have 3 of those I better love it (or gift it all to friends)

I went for this box mostly for the Vitamin Serum and the Aqua Rich Cream, but even though I am not thrilled about every single product I feel that it was worth it in order to stock up ;-)

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