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Freitag, 1. Mai 2015

Pure Smile Biodiversity Sheet Masks (sea cucumber, euglena, jelly fish and salmon)

Hello everyone,

first of all: Sorry, my text is formating all weird. tried what I could, but couldn´t change it at all. :-(

I love a good sheet mask as it is an easy, affordable and instant way to give your skin a little moisture boost. I have a big box filled with masks and am allways on the look out for something new, so when  I saw a new weird range on Japan Gift Bay with all weird incrediences I HAD to try them... Granted I haven´t tried all of them as we speak, but I couldn´t help to introduce some of the weirder ones... ;-) Pure Smile is a korean company which, however seems to be particulary popular in Japan. I first came across them in the Memeboxes (back in the good old days when they delivered to Germany) and as I liked most of their products so far I bought this bundle for 17,90$.

Japan Gift Bay added a free mask as a gift as well, so thumbs up for that!

For your information: I have combination skin and as everyones skin is different you possibly have a different result than I do. 

The packaging of each displays that the masks contain Arbutin, Collagen, Hylaronic acid and Vitamin E, but none of them goes into further detail about the incredients (unless you can read korean) or which effect each mask should have. Honetly it is nothing but guesswork for me....

I put all masks on under pretty much the same conditions in order to see what sets them apart.

Sea cucumber
This was the first sheet mask that I tried from this series.
Taking it out of the packaging it did not smell sea-foodish or cucumberish at all. Rather like a light shower gel for men. The sheet is nice and thick and was clinging to my face nicely.
I removed it after 20 minutes and put the remaining essence on
my face and throat. The essence was not sticky and my face looked 
very moisturized and brightened. I would buy this mask again!

Googling about sea cucumbers turned up this article claiming that Sea cucumber boosts collagen and has anti aging properties. My skin sure looked nice and plump afterwards, so maybe there is some truth to it.

I actually had to google what euglena is. I found out that it is a
sweetwater one cell organism and is meant to have anti aging properties and activates the cellular organism.
The euglena essence mask had a powdery scent and felt very refreshing on my face. Apart from this I didn't see an particular effect on 
my face. It wasn't remarkable enough to urge me for a repurchase.

Jelly Fish
Surprise! More anti-aging properties - according to this article 
anyway... Honestly I would really like to know which part of the 
jelly fish is beeing used- i hope just like the snails and bees it is not beeing killed and it is just some secretion of it that it would do anyway.

 It is my favourite fragrance wise.It smells like the ice bonbons I used to eat as a child. On my face the mask felt very moisturizing and, but this could be my imagination, tingled a bit.
 Once the mask was off my face looked super moisturized and my 
skin was decidedly plumped. I think I'd buy this one again IF I find out what the deal with the jelly fish is.

Salmon Essence
I like salmon, though I'd normally rather eat it than put it on my 
face. Than again, I bought thi particular range for it's weirdness factor which sparked my interest... I found this article on salmon 

I am losing out slowly but certainly when it comes to describing fra-grances... There is nothing fishy at all about the salmon essence 
mask. I can't describe the smell, but it is nothing overly remarkable. As all previous masks it was well soaked in essence and felt moist-
urizing on the face. I felt that it had more of an cooling effect -
almost like eucalyptus.

I took off the mask and put the rest of the essence on my face and throat as I allways do, buuuuuut.... The essence just wouldn't soak in! I put my evening skin care on top, but felt nothing absorbed at all! Maybe this is meant for very dry skinned people? In my personal case however it was a total miss! I'llstick to eating salmon, that's for sure!

While not everything worked for me it was fun to experiment with 
those sheets as I hadn´t come across those versions before. PresentlyI have some animal masks from "The Face Shop" waiting to be 
tested and photographed, so stop by at a later point to find very 
weird selfies;-)

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