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Dienstag, 14. April 2009

Mama Mia

So here Iam back again. I spended the past days at my Moms place where she stuffed us with tons of food! Some more hula hooping coming up I guess. The weather was wonderfull which put us in a great mood most of the time. We went to see some ruins of a old roman house nearby our town (so we can assume people lived around there even about 2000 years ago) and were out in the sun a lot (note to myself: got to store soe sun-blocker so my skin won´t turn grey). Altogether it was very nice though my Mom still doesn´t like my curly hair. But oh well... Moms ;-)

So I´ll have a rather short week working for 3 days only and next week is the last before I have 3 weeks off! I try to find out about going to Berlin for a few days to visit a dear friend of mine cause otherwise I´ll see if I can do some shootings than or/and sew a bit. (Or íf I go maybe I stay a day longer to shoot in Berlin if someone is up for it sponatniously)

Spring is just my favourite season. the smell of blossoms in the air. Everything coming back to life... I love it.

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