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Donnerstag, 1. Januar 2009


So it is the first day of the new year and I got to leave luggage behind me again at this turning point.

In 2008 I did manage to:

- Get in tv which was damn cool. I´d really like to do more of that stuff! And some more magazine releases (I feel like someone values my work when I see it published and it shows what I do to a new and wider audience)

- Post many videos and blog-posts - which I consider important to keep in touch which the people and fans that actually like what I do (I´m bad in commenting back on myspace and stuff which is not due the lack of interest, but due to the lack of time)

- work with many fantastic people I worked with before and some that I didn´t knew before and got many amazing results of it

- bring old connections back to live (some sucessfully - some less, but I wanted the folks that I lost touch with to know that actually I still care, that I still like them or have forgiven them what they did wrong in the past. Sometimes you just have to lose to find yourself.)

- get over myself and finally get a perm! My hairdos last waaaay longer. Photos of my new hair will follow soon. Also I get a more and more prominent white Frankensteins bride streak which I consider sort of cool. I´ll have to make a pic of it. The best thing is: I won´t have to re-colour that streak all the time as it is natural.

You can tell it was the most sucessfull year as a pin up and in my personal development.

Off course there were some let downs, too:

- 2 funerals (my grandfather and my great-grandmother within 6 months)

- personal disappointments (I should have known better, but I´m too much of a softie to believe anything bad of anyone)

- sickness (at one time I even thought I might have cancer due to swollen lymphs which turned out to be wrong however I was stalking my doctor for 3 weeks or so to look after it and it scared the hell out of me, I cracked a foot, I got bad allergic reactions and for three days I couldn´t keep any food or liquid due to a virus.)

- there won´t be another pin up course in 2009. At least not in the form it used to be. I´ll still be available for help for anyone that asks and up for hire for anyone that needs some styling help or support during a pin up shooting, though.

Things I wanna do in 2009:

- I badly wanna go and meet Mario and Maria from Ars Vivendi in person! I´ve been buying from them since 5 years and since two years or so we have mail-contact. They are fantastic!

- Visit a friend I didn´t see for amazing 5 years! And while I´m at it I plan to visit the amazing Jörg Böh for a new shooting. The last one was two years ago due to the distance, but this year we want to do it once more.

- snap my own pics more often and go to a higher level with it. IT´s easier to work more independently. To deliver photos quicker to sponsors and without discussing the copyrights.

- model even more beautifull clothes! If Possible more tv-stuff and releases, too.

There´s more I can´t remember right now, so I might update ;-) After all I want to thank all the fantastic helpers and supporters of the past year! Especially to Helen from pin up parade, Ars Vivendi, Ballroom Baby and Vodoobeat for the sponsorship!

Hugs to everyone!!!!!!

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