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Sonntag, 17. Mai 2009

Jet Lag

Hi everyone,

finally a sort of real entry from me ;-)

It was really really nice to "come home" to Sweden. Since I was a teenager I regulary went there - however interupted by a absence of 3 years or so after I broke up with the swedish boyfriend I had during that time (you don´t really want to run into the guy that dropped you like a hot potatoe and it really isn´t that easy to find a cheap place to stay all by yourself).

We went shoping a lot (both in the "town" and in the vintage stores that are mostly located in Södermalm), went to Skansen which is a georgous open air museum, took a tour around the castle and much more that you will see when the video-editing is done. So watch out in the coming weeks for my Pin up Travel Guide series. It´s not only nice if you actually plan to go to Sweden - maybe I can convince you that it is THE place to go and make you madly fall in love with Stockholm just like Iam (and than we start a vintage business over there together and live in Pipi Longstockings mansion or something like that;-)

However let me tell you a thing or so about the TV: It sucks when it is "Knight Rider Week". I never even watched a episode back in the 80s and I don´t care about new episodes either. VIP with Pamela Anderson is probably the most stupid series ever and I´m not surprised I never saw it before.
Also be carefull wether your animal docu really is one - or a hunting video. Why do I tell you that? It was a nice morning, me and John just had breakfast and while switching through the channels we found a docu which we supposed was about nordic animals. A cute little wild pig came off the forrest and ate some gras. While we were going "Awwwwwwww" cause it was such a cute little piggie suddenly we heard the BANG of a riffle, little piggie fell over and panically moved it´s legs in the air while dying. You should have seen our shocked faces!!! So: Make sure that the docu you watch for breakfast really is a docu on animals - not hunting. Otherwise you loose appetite quickly.

Another thing to be carefull about: The yummy cinemon-rolls that you can get with a coffee for 20 crown (a bit less than 2 Euros). They are evil. Cause you can´t stop eating. Every morning John got himself a coffee and I ate the kannelbullar as it is called there. So much about eating healthy ;-) But next week I´ll go back to my normal eating schemes again. It is good luck that I didn´t regognize how yummy the cakes named Cardemumm Dreams are until the last day ;-)

So: TV so-so, cakes and rolls yummy, weather ok in general, fun: enormous...

P.s.: Anyone else thinking it sucks that you basically hardly saw anything of Ditas performance at the ESC. I watched the whole darn thing just to see what she´d come up with!!! Stupid russian TV!

P.p.s: Someone of myspace commented on my trailer that this would have been the most pointless and worst video she saw in a long time. Why bother commenting when you hate something? After all does everything have to have a point? I don´t think so. After all I do all my videos for the fun of it and to entertain those that watch them,

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