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Dienstag, 28. Juli 2009

Oh the good old times... Part 1

Everyone of us has a best friend. I miss my best friend horribly, so I´ll just write about her.

Fids and me got to know cause our mothers were friends. It was quiet obvious that this was a good choice, Fids Mom beeing the only Punk in town and Mom who was looked down upon for living with two men (in case you wonder: they actually just shared the rent for the house they lived in. However this was consideres scandalous on the country-side in the early 80s. However the fact that my grandfather was living together with a man himself and this not to pay the rent made it probably not easier.).

Fids was two years younger than me (about 3-4 years old, which results in the fact that we know since 22 years now) and we met when we went to Karneval all together. Fids was dressed up as a cat and i was dressed up as a vampire. At first we didn´t really like each other and I don´t think we hang out at this ocassion at all, but somehow we grew together.

We started off as two people beeing very different. She a really confident, headstrong, demanding child and I uber-shy, quiet and a dreamer. What united us was that we both were unique and creative personalities. You may call us the freaks of town. Over the years our differences faded and we fit together perfectly.

Childhood together was quiet fun. Her Mom lived in the neighborhood in the forrest about 10-15 minutes by foot so we ran through the forrests or our wild garden with the cherry tree. boy, did we do some stuff together! Not only did we write weird poetry together (an exerpt: "A swan swam in the desert, but when I finally kissed it, it only said goodbye to me"), we even trained for the case we´d get kidnapped someday (with ropes. Since this day you can feel free to call me the Houdini of Pin up. No ties can hold me down) and in later years we occassionally skipped school together ;-)

There was only one thing we didn´t agree with: She was a Take That Fan (later it became Backstreet Boys) and little me was into Rednex and not boygroups at all. But we made the best of it: We traded whatever we found in magazines despite going on each others nerves with our music-taste as, off course, we had those cds on endless repeat to our mutual distress. Fids at least had several albums at her service while I just had one. For 5 years :-D Hence Fids will forever hate Rednex and I´ll forever hate Boygroups. ;-)

Anyway: By the time I was 22 I moved out of town cause it wasn´t fun to live there. It was all too narrow-minded and there is hardly anything where I lived. Basically exactly the place to bury your dreams, get depressive, kill your creativity and get looked down upon if you are not like everyone else (when the school-class I was in from 1rst grade got split and mixed with other classes I lost all the friends I had since Kindergarten and instead got in a whole bunch of bullies. There were not used to me beeing a bit different so they tortured me at every chance) .

A few years later Fids moved away, too, however somewhere totally else than I did. We see each other on ocassions like X-Mas or eastern nowadays cause it is quiet a few hundred kilometers difference.

While I´m more of a pin up type she really has a gypsy/hippie/goth thing going on that would be ridiculous on everyone else but matches her to perfection. you could tell that we are connected in mind, cause it can happen that one of us thinks of the other and suddenly the phone rings and it´s her! We also share a talent of dreaming things in advance. Maybe running through the forrests made us witches or something. Not only are we best friends, we are sisters in mind. There is no one else with that I can philosophy about the weirdest stuff or with that I fail so hard finding anything on the world map. We mutually inspire each other!

I think I might post some more stuff about good old times and other people I have met, but let´s see. I could share my weirdest Rednex-moments or how we found those leopard-print boxers at the place of a male egyptian belly dancers and his perv vases. I don´t know yet I´m just so damn nostalgic. If you feel like doing so post something you´d like to know about cause I can´t know it otherwise :-D

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