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Freitag, 24. Juli 2009

Social Network Junkie

Hi everyone,

my name is Sari and I´m a social network junkie.

I was allways addicted to the internet, ever since I got it. First just to search for information and the exchange of emails. Later I hang around in chats. Now it is social networks. It started off totally harmless with Myspace 4 years ago or so. Meanwhile it extended itself to facebook and twitter, too.

I actually went to facebook cause my friend Benji was there. Than I realised there are tons of people with that I haven´t been in contact in ages and added those, too. However there are more and more people on my list that I have yet to get to know. Facebook is wonderfully practical cause you can see in one glance what everyone is up to and it just takes one click to comment. Than I found another additional addiction: Twitter.

Originally I just joined twitter to stalk Dita von Teese, but than I realised that Amanda Palmer is there, too. And than I realised there are actually quiet a few interesting people over there. While I didn´t knew wether I´d actually use twitter in the beginning I do that daily now. I facebook daily, too. For hours I´ll refresh the page and see what all those people are up to. It is like a reality show just with topics I actually care about! And I can make connections that are either of value to me or result in getting to know interesting and cool people. A bit self-marketing is involved, too. The more people get to see what Iam doing, the bigger the chance that actually someone has use for me.

Blogging is limited social networking cause there are fewer people that actually read the stuff I´m babbling or át least not as many reply. I´m addicted to it anyway and whatever moves me go into my blogs.

I have heard that I speak way to open in my blogs and that actually I shouldn´t do that. But i don´t really see much of a reason WHY. I don´t bash anyone in my blogs and more important: I don´t give much chance to bash me either. Let me explain: I rather say the truth than to have people make up something due to a lack of knowledge about me. I just imply that the ladies and gents reading my blog are interested not only in my latest news, but also in who Iam anyway. And if not no they can just skip and go to another post.

Two days ago I tried not to post on facebook or twitter. I managed that for a whole day, however I kept coming back to check the sites and see what my fellows are doing. I think I really have a serious addiction!

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