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Freitag, 19. Februar 2010

7 days... Jamari´s Pin up Series, Jolie magazine... how did that happen???

Hi everyone,

a busy week has passed by and I can´t believe it!

my FB & Twitter followers might remember that I was not that pleased on how the year started shooting-wise.... Nothing happened all January and I was getting so so bored. Even desperate. And I was actively searching for interesting shootings as I allways do when no one approaches me. I thought I may never break the spell! Honestly I have no idea how I did, but here is a little roundup of my latest activities.

Last week on Wednesday Jamari Lior posted that she does a pin up series and is looking for a model with red hair and bright coloured clothes. I contacted her and we decided to shoot. The next day. And so we did ;-) The pictures I have seen so far look devine and there will be and extra post with those AND a making off video soon!!! For the German readers: Jamari also did a little blog on how the process of her pin up series was going on: http://www.j-maya.de/blog/?p=693

It was Monday when I got a mail with a request to shoot for "Jolie" Magazine. For the non-Germans (or non-girls): Jolie is one of Germanys biggest ladies magazines released on a monthly basis and a website to go with it. This means: Tons of people read and buy it - myself included. Now you may wonder how they got the idea to look for me. Let´s go 9 months back in time. Back than one of the ladies working for them researched on pin up and contacted me with some questions in order to write about it in their magazine. Unfortunetly it was shortened and hence I wasn´t included, however she promised she´d keep me in mind if they ever get back to the topic again. Obviously she kept her promise so I took a flight to Munich this Wednesday, had a shooting this Thursday (technically today) and was flying back tonight. It´ll be a fashion spread on modern and retro inspired fashion for curvy ladies and it will be released at the 3rd of April. Both the team and me filmed a bit during it, so at the same time it is released there will be a making off on my youtube channel and possibly on their website, too. The photographer of this shoot was Miroe: www.miroe.com

You think this is enough adventure for now? This weekend I will be doing 1-2 more shoots (one depends on the weather). But I will tell about those later... ;-)

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