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Samstag, 13. Februar 2010

Souveniers, Souveniers, Souveniers...

Hi everyone,

there are few things that I can resist. Silly 50s brooches from German towns are NOT one of them... It took me a while to find out what the deal with them is... I looked and looked for brooches, but in fact those were intended for wanderers to put them on their hats to show the places they have been to. (I realised by accident when spotting a hat full of those on ebay :-D). Nethertheless I love them and yes, I actually like to wear them on dresses despite my freaking fear to loose them. Very Heimatfilm!

Now some of you may ask "What the **** is a Heimatfilm?". It is a typical German movie genre popular from the 20s to mid 60s that displayed the untouched nature, mostly in Alpine surroundings. Mostly it contains farmers, daughters of forresters, hunters and tons of Dirndls. I suspect those movies pretty much shaped the image of the Lederhosen wearing, bavarian speaking, jodeling, beer drinking German that is so much implanted into non-german brains ;-) (Believe me, the only places to see bavarian speaking, Lederhosen wearing, jodeling and beer drinking Germans is..... Bavaria and not even there it is that prominent). Off course there is allways a happy end in Heimatmovies.

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