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Mittwoch, 10. März 2010

Fashion is a cruel bitch!

Hi everyone,

in two different magazines I saw this cute Playsuit. Think of this with a cute gingham blouse and red acessoires! The price: About 30 € which makes it at least 60 € cheaper than at most designers of Repro and very desireable. Even better. It is SUPPOSED to be at H & M so I can actually go there and try it on. It is also SUPPOSED to have been released since 2 weeks. In theory I may add.

Since I saw it in a newspaper I have been at 4 different (!!!) local H & M stores. And nowhere it is to be found!!! I spotted it in the online store now, but the H & M sizing is really off on my body. Most stuff is designed to be loose fitting, hence I sometimes have a size S and sometimes I have a size M or L (when it isn´t loose and true to size). Even than I still have to see wether it won´t be too loose in the waist as I have a hip to waist ratio of about 30cm and most woman seem to have a rather straight build. So there is no point in buying it online. Iam very very sad cause I´d love to have a playsuit! There is a 5th H & M store situated in the old town but I don´t know wether I wanna bother with it anymore!

On the other hand I got to spend my money on a blouse and two cardis. The pink striped one is from the Sonia Rykiel for H & M collection and was reduced. Jiphie :-) I totally adore the novelty pattern of my blue cardi. Ships and Seagulls. Totally up my alley!!!

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  1. Hi! I always find it tricky to find the right size, most of H&M's clothes aren't designed for someone with a larger bust or/and curves. So I really see your problem!

    I saw the playsuit yesterday at H&M here in Stockholm, it's cute! /Isabelle