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Montag, 1. März 2010

New WKD stuff that I just LOVE

Hi everyone,

one of my biggest passions is lingerie! The lacier and sheerer and cinchier the better! Hence I totally love the new WKD lines and can´t help but to show you my favourites.

I love the Sarah Range. Not only cause it accidentally has the same name as me (as no one was able to get my name right I switched to Sari 13 years ago or so) but cause it looks damn pretty. I just love everything rose and the lace is absolutely the icing on the cake! It is just so hrd to find a pretty bra in a rose colour that is actually sexy.

Corsets are allways quiet a topic for me. I allways loved cinched waists to an extend that I look like a comic figure. However as Iam cursed/blessed with a D-E Cup I often have the problem that my boobies are really yelling their "hello" to the world. I feel the Tempest could be a great option for me and the other ladies experiencing that. Don´t get me wrong. I love a good portion of cleavage but... well, you know what I mean ;-)

The sheer Sophia corset!!! Such a fantastic idea!!! It is probably not that suitable as outer wear (unless you add some fabric-pasties maybe?!) but damn hot! For the less daring the Morticia waist corset might be a better option. Both are available in peach and black (I wonder if you could combine the peach waist corset with the Sarah Range?!)

While the whole new ranges are beautifull those ae my particular faves. Just go to www.whatkatiedid.com to find out which are yours!


  1. It's all lovely! I'm so disappointed the Sarah bra doesn't come in my size :(

    My favourite is the blue sailor swimsuit they have just brought out! Must save up and do some beautiful WKD shopping! xx

  2. You would look FABULOUS in that Tempest corset!

  3. Kall, oh my, that sucks :-( But maybe if it is really really sucessfull they may add sizes?!

    Helen, I hope to own one of them some day... saving saving saving....