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Samstag, 17. April 2010

Honesty totally rules

Hi everyone,

there are so easy ways to smuggle yourself through life somehow. A little lie can make things all easier. In some cases honesty is a problem. My honesty means, that my modelling can be negatively effected. Let me explain:

-due to my height cause I can´t do any catwalk stuff (but than I can´t imagine myself on a catwalk anyway. I have this image stuck in my head of depressed looking models marching over the catwalk & between them me wiggling along smiling and twinkling towards photographers - which is so absurd it would almost be fun actually). I could easily pretend to be 1,73 m instead of my real deal 1,70 m but I do not see why I should. The higher the heels the closer to heaven :-)

-cause I´m technically neither what they call a regular model nor a plus-size. I´m a size M-L, so stuck between those cathegories in "nowhere land". I guess I need my own cathegory. After all I´d rather be called a Pin up Model or Retro Model cause this is what I identify with.

-I´m a grown up woman of 29 years of age. (but than I have 6 years modelling experience). People often remark that I do look younger than that, but I will never deny my age to get a job cause someone just wants to shoot girls under 25. Age i just a number.

This is why so many girls and ladies lie about their age, their measurements, their height etc. etc. My point is that mother nature, destiny and excessive hula hooping had a reason to shape me the way Iam. I rather go the hard and honest way than the one with the bad conscience, frightened that they possibly find out I´m a fake. The cool people, the fun people will like to work with me cause of the qualities I have and not because of those Iam lacking.

My word for the day: Believe in your qualities even if you are a "old, fat dwarf" like me and everything will be alright in the end ;-)


  1. If you are an old fat dwarf, that makes me
    an ancient, extremely large hobbitt!!!

  2. That´s probably how the mainstream model world sees us, though no normal person would say that about the both of us

  3. das war sehr süss...
    und ja ehrlicheit ist was tolles...

    und ich finde du bist einiges..außer nem alten fetten zwerg..eher eine sexy diva...die eben nicht so ist wie andere :)...

    es sollte mehr frauen wie dich geben die einem das gefühl geben das es genau richtig ist so zu sein wie man ist..und das größe
    "32" nicht alles ist...