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Samstag, 28. August 2010

blog competition?

Hi everyone,

if I ever hit 100 blog followers I consider doing a competition or something. Would you actually like that?

Iam happy to report that Iam still a good girl spending only 100 € a month on clothes (or at least only take money from things I sold to buy new clothes!). It´s working out well at the moment. Actually Iam under 100 even without considering the clothes I sold! If I have money left of it by the end of the month I will invest in a ration coupon from Able Grable!


New Bargains:

Both of them cost me.... *drumroll* 7 € without shipping!!! The purse will be perfect to go with the skirts I bought from Bittersüß a month ago and the dress will make a cute outfit for work!


  1. Really cute bargains!

    : )

    And a competition would be fun..!

    Hugs, Jenny

  2. Competition is always good :-))) And it's a good idea to have a limit per month, I should do that, too ;-)