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Freitag, 20. August 2010

New Words on my thought about style. This time about colours and fashions

Hi everyone

I wanna add more to my post about finding you style.... So... I just do so :-D

There are two points about style and fashion that are difficult: 1. how to differ from what is promoted 2. and what actually suits you.

I can’t give you fool-proof advice, but some points of view that I have: Fashion is not that important.It can give you a new idea and It can be a help to find and try something you like and purchase it. However you don’t have to do something just because it is in a magazine. Finding your STYLE is more important than FASHION. I often read modern fashion magazines and often cut out pages for reference. It could be that I like an particular outfit and plan to do something like that myself. I like the styling of something. Or maybe I just see a combination of patterns or colors that I had not thought of working together before and think it looks interesting. It goes into my little folder of ideas and I can get back to it whenever I want and have no idea what to wear.

The section of what is hot and what’s not is not that much of interest for me, unless it promotes something I like anyway (let’s say sailor-slacks are all the rage for fall. I don’t care whether they will be it in 6 months from now cause I will always love them and if they show an affordable piece I’m likely to check it out ;-). What do I care what the fashions victims wear? I wear whats flattering on ME.

I couldn´t care less that it is not in fashion to own funny souvenier brooches from the 50s. I just like them, regardless wether you like them. If it ever becomes a trend and I can buy something cute and cheap in the style I will. If it doesn´t I will still like them.

Try things to find out what flatters you the most. If in doubt take photos of you in an outfit to see whether it works. In our age of digital cameras it’s easy to do – even with a self-mode function. Also keep looking in magazines, both vintage and new. If someone in there has a figure similar to yours you can see a tendency of what looks good and what doesn’t (however judge that for yourself. Don’t let the editors tell you what to think). Hint: If something makes a size zero model look unflattering, it will look just as bad or worse on you.

By the time the fashion editors tell everyone that you´re totally out wearing anything sailor styled you can happily donate your cute clothes to me. ;-)

Color schemes are confusing. Really. Up to today I have no idea wether Iam a summer,spring, fall or winter type. There seems to be no real classifications for blue-grey-green eyed girls that colour their grey and brown hair red and have a pale skin with olive undertones. If you are a in between type yourself this is my idea of what you should do: Go to a fabric store and hold different colored fabric to your face. Does it make your eyes and hair pop = that’s one of the colours you should wear. Do you look worn out and tired when you hold that color to your face? Stay away from that one. This is also a good hint which colours of eye shadow flatter you. When in doubt I put samples of eyeshadow on my hand and hold it next to my eyes. I have my power colous that make me feel extra good. When I have a stressfull week I use those colours a lot. Especially a powerfull red can do the trick for me. If you feel good you can wear whatever and anyone will consider you stunning.

A while ago I started to wonder why my eyes are more green on some photos and on some they are not at all. I found out it was a matter of colour and light. Imagine this. For 27 years I thought my eyes are a plain grayish blue. Either I just wore the wrong colours or they changed colour over the years. It’s up to you to judge.

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