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Donnerstag, 12. August 2010

Sari von B. - Bargain Hunter

My latest treasures. I hope everything will fit!!!!

The Sarah Set from the What Katie did sale. I´m extremely curious and I´m sure the cincher will have a part in my shapewear blog ;-)

31 € including shipping! I re-read the despriction of this suit many times. I just couldn´t explain why nobody hit "bid for it" or "buy it now" for that one. So I placed a bid and hoped for the best. The skirt is actually too small having a waist of just 28 inches. And my waist has 30 inches and sometimes when I hula hoop a damn lot 29. Maybe I can let out a bit of the waist or shapewear will help. The hips should fit though.

I don´t have a simple white blouse. Or let´s say I didn´t used to have one. I love the cpompoms at the collar. 15 € including shipping! Ship soon dear ebay-sellers!!!
I have decided that I will spend a budget of 100 € on clothes per month. Unless I sell something - and get extra cash ;-) I´m not sure wether anything but the suit counts for this month as everything else was bought before my latest paycheck ;-)


  1. 100,00€ per month.. I am jealous - and flat broke.. ;") Would you post some pics so that I (and all your other followers) can dream a little bit.. Please! *sigh*

  2. Off course I will :-) Iam so glad I have a new job so I can actually afford to browse ebay again!!! It really sucks to be broke :-(