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Sonntag, 23. Januar 2011

So I´m supposed to be 30?

Hi everyone,

so now all of a sudden Iam supposed to be 30. Are they kidding me? I do not feel like 30. I do not know what age Iam supposed to feel like at all.

I have to calculate nowadyas whenever someone asks me how old Iam. "Wait, I was born in 1981. And it is 2011 now. Oh yeah, I´m 30!!!"
: My family threw money together and bought me a biiiig new tv as my old one was tiny, 15 years old and slowly dieying (picture going away. sound going away, so we had to play with the cables till it worked again). And on top of that I got the Marilyn Monroe DVD collection! So the plan is that as our gift to ourselves (John turns 38 in 2 days) we go to a Spa and afterwards watch my new DVDs on the tv. I have never been to a spa. Or a a steam bath. But we wanted to give ourselves a nice treat and I still have a voucher from X-Mas! <3

Yesterdays shooting was really nice. We had a fantastic location and a lot of fun (and energy drinks). I might get some pictures quickly as Tim was very very motivated to finish a few of them soon! You will see them here off course ;-) Next week I shoot with Hans DuEngel Art!


  1. Wir werden alle nicht jünger und bei mir ist es am 2. soweit, das ich 30 werde. ^^

    Alles Gute zum Geburtstag an dieser Stelle.

  2. Dann wünsche ich mal alles Gute :)