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Sonntag, 26. Juni 2011

The happy Home Makers!

Hello everyone,

our moving is in full preparation mood right now!

Last week I went to IKEA with a workmate and we bought a bed and a bureau (hope this is the right word, I had to bablefish it. In German it is kommode) and he was kind enough to give me two wardrobes he didn´t need, so me and John spend two afternoons setting things up! And I finally got around snapping some photos of what we have now... In the progress of moving in I will take some more photos and I hope to find a photographer that will do a shooting with me once it is completed...
The view from our balcony
The wardrobe I was gifted! I might put tapestry on it or white paint or I leave it as it is, as it´s the same color as our floor. Iam not sure yet. Oh well... I have time to decide :-) We set it up without a manual. Iam very proud of that :-)

We don´t have the dinner table and the chairs yet. I will order that just before my vacation in July so we are home to receive it. This years summer holiday will be on balconia. Meanwhile my balcony furniture will serve as our dinner-table. I saw it a month ago at Strauss for 59,90 € and I wanted it! I had to wait and hope it would be around once I have the place and indeed IT WAS! It was a pain to carry home, but it is so pretty it was worth it. I can´t wait to have breakfasts on the balcony on warm weekends!
My bed, my bureau and the fake sheep fur are from IKEA, so yes, you can buy cute retro-ish things on a budget.. Our bed is so HUGE! We had to unpack it to fit it into my workmates car and I got a little panic attack "This is too big!!! This is WAY too big!!!!!" I kept saying and we set it up and John said "Damn is that big! So so big!!!!!". But now we got used of the sight and as long and my vanity table and my chippendale bureau fit into the sleeping room we will be fine :-)

By the way: I checked and all my make up fits into the chippendale, which I dubbed Chippie. Even my oscene amount of fake lashes!!!! HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY!!!

Be patient, as I won´t have internet starting from next Saturday to the 8th of July and I will just be able to write stuff occassionally on twitter and Facebook over my internet phone, but there will be new posts when we are back and set ourselves up, including photos of how it looks once we moved in!!!

Today we also put out our old trashy furniture. No worries, not old in sese of Antique. Just old in sense of "I needed something for my first apartment on a limited budget and this is what I got". And Saturday we are finally MOVING IN!!!


  1. I know we've all been there ... anyway ... what a beautiful room and big windows that ... good job ....

  2. "bablefish it" - Oh, Sari! You are one of the best!! ;")

    And this looks like it will be really, really beautiful!