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Samstag, 3. September 2011

It´s one of those days....

Hello everyone,

no fancy pictures today.... I was having a bad day: Woke up to the news that something is stuck in our kittchen sink. Didn´t get better when I found out fixing it professional will cost 280 € - I try with chemicals now.

And I was at a fleamarket and while I did not get what I planned I made 3 bargains, however while I was waiting for the bus on a sidewalk I got hit by a bicycle driver as he was driving by. Now there is no need to bicycle on a sidewalk FULL OF PEOPLE that either wait for the bus or are just about to leave the fleamarket by foot, especially when the street is entirely free. What made me extra-mad though was that eventhough I was obviously hit by it bicycle guy did not turn around to at least make sure Iam fine or stopped the bike or at least mumbled a "sorry" before driving on. Seriously, he hit my back in a way I could have broken a rib or something. I was standing there in shock, starring and thinking "This didn´t happen, did it?" too shocked to run after him and pull him off his bike. Cause he wasn´t that fast (after all the sidewalk was full of people). If I was better in throwing I should have thrown my milkshake after him.

Since when is it ok to hit little women with your bike? What if he had hit someone else? A grandma, a child or someone really tiny that has no protection around the ribs and there would have been serious injury? Obviously this is his song.

I´ll try to calm down now. But my day is ruined. Iam confident tomorrow will be better cause it is my 6th anniversary with John <3


  1. 6th anniversary? Wow on that!

    And: Glad that you are ok - and not seriously hurt!

    Today sucks here, too..

    Anyway: I think it just can get better from now on, can't it?

    Totally with you - and wishing you and John all the best!!

  2. yes, given that I won´t get overdriven by a tram onmy third try to go ouside and lift my spirits....

  3. What a jerk.Glad your ok.I hate bicyclists they think they can ride anywhere they want.Happy Anniversary.xxx