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Sonntag, 22. Januar 2012

And tomorrow I will be one year older....

Hello everyone,

tomorrow will be my birthday and I already got my gifts from my Mom and my Aunt. I was asked to unpack it cause they also put food into the parcel, so I know what Iam getting....

One of this things is this lovely repro phone that looks even lovelier in person!!!! The ring doesn´t sound very authentic but Iam happy anyway!!!!!!

On the not so happy side my birthday has the best outlook to turn out horrible.... It´s appointment scheduling time. And this means that I will be tied to the phone all day. In addition our nurse is sick so guess who will have to take care of dozens of sick children at the same time, plus still have my every day receptionist duties? All of this would be stressfull, yet I could survive the day... but on top of it I will be home alone all evening because John has his late shift :-(

So everyone: Think hard of me tomorrow so I will make it through this day of doom somehow. Getting older is not the problem. The problem is that my stress level will be horrendous :-(

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