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Samstag, 28. April 2012

Black and white photography appropriate make up

 Hello everyone,

keeping in mind that I had a black and white Shooting not to long ago I figured I tell you something about specifics for black and white photo make up...

I don´t look perfect on those photos because it was after part 1 of the shooting and I originally only took the photos afterwards so I would be able to re-create the make up when we´d continue some days later... It did not occour to me that I could actually use them for something else than for reference and my eyes only.... But hey, keeping in mind how many "retros" are visiting my blog I figured a few might be interested in specifics...

Things to keep in mind when taking black and white photos: You will only see a contrast of dark and light, so I would not recommend to use light colours unless it is for highlighting your eyes. Things such as a light pink blush, a light red or nude colours just won´t do the trick. 

Eye Shadow: As you can see in the colour version I chose a very dark grey/black eye shadow. Natural shades would not display in the photo. (If you wanna go for something "natural" like just some shading in the eye socket you would have to do some heavy layering or at least darker eye shadow than the one you´t use for an "every day natural look". Or just put a bit of vaseline for a "shiny" natural look (not uncommon in publicity photos from the 20s/30s)

Blush: In my colour photographs I usually put the blush ON my cheek bones to give it some freshness, but in black and white I rather put it BELOW the cheek bones to make them more "3D". You can see I used a red blush with blue-ish undertones. A light pink or light red would just be "swallowed" by light and would be too weak to show at all in the end. You see how subtle the effect is in the black and white version. If you wouldn´t know the color version you probably would not even realise it´s there...

Lips: Dark red. Just like with blush a light pink or light red wouldn´t do the trick. Unless you wanna go for a natural or 60s look :-)

Eye Brows: I used a black powder for my eye brows, but this is really up to you, your personal taste and how visible your eye brows are. :-)

I hope this was helpfull for you :-)

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