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Mittwoch, 25. April 2012

When women love too much.... A Film Noir Story

It was a dark and cold Friday evening. "I go playing poker with the guys" he had said. Not the first time for sure. He did this very often lately. However his beautiful fiance Tedrodo Toxin didn´t mind. She figured she´d just spend a calm evening at home reading and possibly do some laundry.... Well, his favourite coat could use a washing. Clark had a tendency to forget things in his pockets. Usually things such as dollar bills or cigarettes, so it was allways advisable to check before soaking his things in. This time he had forgotten something else in them.... A very fatal mistake.

Oh, she knew that woman on the photo, a lady of a more than questionable reputation and suddenly so many things started to make sense and some appeared in a entirely new light. Slowly a plan started to form in her head. She would have him all for herself and get some garbage out of town.

 Later that night Miss Sari von Bolanden received  message. "He was only here yesterday" she thought, however was not the kind of lady to turn down the request for an rendevous. She´d better get there quick she figured. He never had that much time "Business, you know" he used to say but never gave details which business it actually was. Whatever... She put on her little keyhole number and got ready to go...

 A thick fog was all over the harbor and it was as dark as the human soul. Nobody that saw the distant silhouette of  this stranger would have thought much of it. However there was nobody around at this place anyway. Nobody that is, exept for some rats it the corners. 

"Hello honey" she said and threw herself into her lovers arms. But something was not quiet right this time around.  She got goose bumps and thought "It must be the cold night" and at first she couldn´t tell why this strange feeling of terror was creeping up her skin. "It must be this damn fog" she thought. But than she looked up and the cold pretty face she looked at sure did not belong to her lover. Terrified she freed herself and attempted to run away, but it was to late.

 "Good night bitch!" was the last thing she heard. Ever. 

The End.

 No Sari´s were harmed during this shooting :-) 

When Werner contacted me to do a Film Noir Shooting I immediately knew I wanted to be on board. The weather however prevented us doing it as soon as we wanted to. In the end we split the session into two parts to at least get started. We shoot the indoor scenes in my own apartment which made it the most convenient shooting for me ever. As I had shot with Werner before we even had the photos at hand that Tetrodo Toxin than could find in Clarks pockets. 

Part two happened a few days later at the harbor of Düsseldorf. We were lucky cause this time it did not rain.

Photographer & Original idea: Werner_R.
Light and Fog Assistant: outtake
Models:  Tetrodo Toxin and old me
Short story: me (and now we know why Iam a model and not a writer anymore)

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