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Samstag, 23. Juni 2012

Fräuleinwunder Magazine #5 Herzblut issue

Hello everyone,

good things come for those who wait. And after a long wait a fantastic new issue of Fräuleinwunder Magazine was released. Yay!

Famous for beeing a retro magazine especially made for GIRLS by Girls it is once again a more than interesting read featuring (among others) a diy instruction for a cute apron, a cup cake recepy, beautifull art work, fashion & lingerie, interesting articles, book tips and more.

I consider to actually diy
the apron during summer.
We all need a smile to be put on our faces as the summer is beeing so shitty. This issue made with Herzblut, a lot of love and a high aeshetic decidedly will do the job :-) (And I am not saying this because there is another "Rock n Hair" Review in it or because I wrote an article for them a few issues ago. It is really a fantastic magazine and I find it special because most "scene" magazines have a decidedly too masculine touch to them which is why I do not buy them. So if you too are a women that loves all the things retro and vintage but is beeing bored by having too many men only topics in the retro related magazines you really should give them a try!)
beautiful Burlesque
 inspired art is allways
a plus with me.
hurray, another Rock n
Hair Review and a lot of
other interesting books, too!

Fifi Chachnil lingerie article <3


  1. oh wie witzig. Eine der Cover-Damen hab ich das ein oder andere Mal bei mir im Dorf rumhuschen sehen und hatte von ihr auch mal eine zuckersüße Kirschschleife fürs Haar gekauft.
    Ich glaub dich hab ich auch schon mal gesehen.

    Ich komme leider nicht auf Facebook drauf, weißt Du woher man die Zeitschrift beziehen kann?

  2. Wie heisst denn dein Dorf? :-)

    Die Einkaufsinfos der FB Seite:

    Paypal to frauleinwundermag@gmail.com

    The price per magazine is 6€, below is the price including shipping:
    for one issue
    7€ to Germany
    10€ to Europe
    13€ internationally

    for two issues
    13€ to Germany
    16€ to Europe
    19€ internationally

    Don't forget to let us know if you want issue #2 and/or issue #3! Issue #1 is SOLD OUT!

  3. Neuss ist ja jetzt nicht sooo groß, deshalb nen ich es Dorf. :D