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Donnerstag, 7. Juni 2012

Styling the Hasbeens for a day in the park!

Hello everyone,

My choice: The Sport Wedge
a few of you might remember my posting about Swedish Hasbeens earlier this year and their beautyfull vintage inspired campaign for their spring season edition.  

It did not stay unnoticed so I was being approached asked something along the line of "Hey, how about some styling ideas for a pair of Swedish Hasbeens?". You can bet I said YES!!! I chose a pair that would coordinate wonderfully with many of my favourite colours and than some time passed by... 

Last week I found a little parcel on top of my mail box and you know what? It were the shoes! On the right you can see how the product picture looks like.

A little info about the inspiration behind Swedish Hasbeens and they are actually made to LAST (and possibly you can pass them off to your kids some day). I find that a very good approach because seriously: Who has never mourned when his/her most comfortable favourite shoes had to be binned?!

And here are some pictures John took of me wearing them. Nothing makes me happier than some sunshine and air!

Things I combined the Swedish Hasbeens Sport Wedge shoes with: Sun umbrella: flea market bargain, Hair Flower: H &M, Sun Glasse: Tally Weijl, Top: a little trade at the Glitz and Glamour group on Facebook, jeans skirt with red buttons: Suicide Glam, hand bag: flea market bargain.

The shoes are so super cute and well made Iam decidedly in love. Keeping in mind that summer is only beginning and that they go so well with soooooo many things in my wardrobe they will be regulars in my daily oufits.

Here are some additional outfits that would look DIVINE with the shoes!

And here´s a little bonus picture I took. Too unsharp for color, but I slammed some filters on it so it looks like a really old one  ;-)