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Mittwoch, 27. Juni 2012

It´s all a fake dear. Eyeliner and lip transfers

 Hello everyone,

no shooting this weekend so I played with some make up novelties instead :-)

On the right you see a lip transfer, on the left eye sticker transfers. So what are those and what do they do?

Do you know those faux tattoos that little kids stick on? They are printed on paper, you stick it to your skin, wet them a little, pull off the paper and BAZINGA you have a fake tattoo. This is the same system and I played with it.

The eyeliner transfer worked way better on one eye that the other. Overall it is not quicker than to just apply eyeliner. You first need to cut the eyeliner out (I chose the one at the bottom, so you get an idea). There was a visible gasp between lashes and eyeliner but that could be cause Iam all thumbs.

I fixed the eyeliner gasp and the uneven eyeliner wing with some liquid eye liner. So I can spare you the illusion it is less effort to stick it on. It is not. And by the time I was done the eyeliner on the left eye CRACKED. Darn. Meanwhile I applied the lip transfer as well. You have to cut it to fit your lips. I have tiny lips. Kind people say it´s bee stung lips or doll lips. Not so kind people say "Damn are your lips thin". Went on ok, not perfect. But with some practice it could work better. However your lips feel like they are very dry and I didn´t dare putting gloss on top because I was scared it would kill the transfer. So now let´s go and see whether it lasts...

I went to the super market, did my sports program on the Xbox and than I took a shower. 

After doing my sports program. 
After I took my shower

After sports program
After shower

Conclusion: No, this won´t solve all your eyeliner problems. Your eyelinerwings won´t be more symetric than usual, you probably have to do fix up with liquid eyeliner, it might crack, but it LASTS. If you intend to face a Tsunami your eyeliner will stay and stay and stay (apart from the crack). Same goes for your lips. That one did not crack at all though. Apart from your lips feeling dry you can drink with it, kiss, smile and it stays on forever. The only real problem........ How do I get it OFF completely now???

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  1. Wow this is very cool! I'm keen to see if we have them in New Zealand now! (probably not mind you)