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Duesseldorf, NRW, Germany
Iam a German 40s/50s/60s Pin up Girl, Retro Addict and Weirdo. I love make up, to craft, do photoshootings and collect vintage clothes/ lingerie. In my blog you can read all about it, mashed up with my thoughts about fashion/styling.


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Sonntag, 10. Juni 2012


Is this a phoenix or a dragon? Both are creatures of the fire. The phoenix rises from the ashes, the dragon puts things into ashes. But than again dragons stand for good luck and phoenixes for rebirth and new beginnings. I can live with both.

Whatever it means: It´s on my hip. And no I wasn´t beaten up. I just hula hooped damnnnnn hard trying to get rid of my lower belly. :-D That´s what I THINK it came from anyway because I didn´t notice and it did not hurt until John screamed something along the lines of "Oh my "&%"$% $%!%! What´s that on your hip??? What happened to you???"

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