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Sonntag, 5. Mai 2013

9 years as a pin up girl - just keep going!

Hello everyone,
every year in May I write a post that it is my anniversary as a pin up Girl and every year I re-tell the Story of how it began. It´s getting old. The regular Readers know the Story by heart. Everyone else can just go to May 2012, 2011, 2010 etc to re-read ;-)
This time I write another post.
KEEP GOING. This is the credo for sucess. For sucess in anything. What one considers beeing sucess differs from Person to Person. Some People would consider that making a living as a pin up Girl and living in a mansion is a sucess. It is not an sucess achievable for most (myself included). So go for a sucess that you can actually achieve and give it time.
My sucess is that still after 9 years of doing pin ups I love it. I still look Forward to my Shootings, I am still thrilled to get my photos, I still enjoy my cooperations and every sucess (no matter how big or small) matters to me. That I don´t make a living of it is rather a plus to me because I can choose the Projects I believe in and the Projects I enjoy and give them all my energy. 

You´re responsible for your own happiness and sucess
Photo by IreneK Photography
You allways Need to work. Even if no one sees the results. For someone like me this means that you allways look out for Shooting acessoires. You allways try to perfect your look. You Network. Research. Learn doing things on your own. Agencies don´t do anything for you unless you are 16 years old and size Zero. Beeing in one is not the ticket to a carefree life. (I have been in a few over the years, but it´s no guaranty for anything. It might works for a few, but not for everyone) You still have to get your things together on your own. Organize your own Shootings. Allways Keep your eyes open for an opportunity. People allways just see your sucess, not your failures. Behind every Thing that works are 5 or more that don´t work. Don´t let is disencourage you.
STAY SURPRISED. Don´t expect good things to happen. There is always a lot of work involved in good things Happening to you. Even the accidental ones. If there isn´t work involved beforehand, there will be work involved afterwards to Keep them.
I am always thrilled and surprised whenever someone whose work I admire wants to work with me. It is not always super-obvious how thrilled I am because I am not the most outgoing Person on this planet. Iam rather found somewhere quietly smiling to myself than jumping around yelling how happy I am, but inside of me I have a Party. 
PLAY NICE. Tearing someone down, badmouthing others, beeing a pain to work with doesn´t pay
off in the Long run. Stay away from bitching and gossiping. Aspire to be someone that People remember for beeing a good natured and easy to work with Person. This is what makes People remember you if they have a cooperation to offer. And don´t fake it. Be true. And if you feel that you are faking your kindness for personal gain you need work on your personality.
Bitching is only nice for photos
featuring Kathy, Frankie Sin and Anneliese
Photo by Josh Curtis
Don´t be jealous of the sucess of others. It IS hard to avoid when you feel like everyone else is getting to do the cool things. But it is pointless and unproductive. Rather see what you can learn from them. Analyze WHY they suceed were you fail. Keep in mind that it might look easy BUT you have no idea what hard work they really, really do (and yet they manage to make it look like a trip to the amusement park. Maybe this is exactly what you Need to learn.).
Short Version of it all: WORK, BE NICE, WORK, BE NICE, WORK, BE NICE and WORK. If the joy of doing something and putting a lot into it is not enough for you do something else that gives you joy. It is more likely you enrichen your life with joy and the love for something than with Money.
It does not only apply to modelling, but to everything in life :-)

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