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Donnerstag, 12. September 2013

Lucky Lola makes Sari lucky (now say that 10 times in a row)

Hello everyone,

as mentioned before I went on a Shooting last Saturday and it was for the Lucky Lola Store. The Germans among you will know what I am talking about. They have a huuuuge online store with pretty Outfits, acessories and all sorts of cute and kitschy knick knacks! And... they have a huuuuge physical store in Gütersloh, too! Actually it was even waaaaay bigger than I even dreamt.

I arrived half an hour before they opened to have a Chance to look at their beautiful stuff (oh well, and buy some ;-) and it was soooo many things that i spent the first 5 minutes Standing around wondering where the heck I should start! Even with the time I spent looking through it, than and later when the Shooting was done I am sure I missed a lot of great things to see! Even worse: Now I have even more beautiful things on my wishlist :-D

The entire Team was so nice and sweet and Guido, the photographer, and i were so highly motivated that we got a LOT of photos done. By the time we had photographed some Outfits, Sofia the Magic intern fairy, responsible for selecting the clothes in the right sizes magically stocked up with some more tops. And after we were done with all the Dresses and extra tops we even took additional photos in an Outfit of my choice (those I´ll Show you later). And beautifull and Kind Lady Boss Nadine threw me a round of delicious cupcake.

Now if you ever wondered how many Outfits one can possibly photograph within about 3 hours here´s the answer! (And maybe we should apply at the Guiness Book of Records?). And Guido really deserves a medal for photoshopping all those Pictures within such a short amount of time!

All of those wonderful Outfits are available here: http://www.luckylola.de/ Happy Shopping!







  1. wie schön! ich wollte immer mal in dem Laden vorbei fahren, aber irgendwie bin ich bis jetzt noch nicht dazu gekommen. Bis es soweit ist, vertreibe ich mir die Zeit im Lucky Lola Online Shop ;)

    1. Die Fahrt ist es auf jeden Fall wert! (Und auf dem Weg machst du dann kurz Station in Neuss und ich schlepp dich mit ins bezaubernde 60er Jahre Cafe mit Nierentischchen, pastellrose Küchenzeile und dem aller-allerbesten Käsekuchen!)