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Sonntag, 25. März 2007

The truth about beeing a pin up

Hi readers :-)

Well today I write something for all the ladies that want to get started with pin ups cause I have a feeling that many people have unrealistic illusions in their heads.

First of all: Consider it a hobby. None of the pin ups I know including myself can make a living on beeing a pin up. It rarely happens that you will make some cash with it and I can tell from experience that most money lies in Photographer Workshops. Or you do nude pics, but this can really become a problem. I have heard of many models that got into trouble and lost their job and had to search for a new career cause colleagues found nudes of the in the Internet. So if you decide to do that be aware that there can be serious consequences. Maybe not immediately, but maybe in 3 years of 5 years whatever. Think about if it can be harmfull to your goals and to what you aspire to be. Only do things that you can be proud of.

Another thing: The photographers won´t run after you all the time. In the beginning there might be many photographers that want to snap your pic. Be carefull in whom you choose to work with.

If someone makes a weird impression don´t shoot with him. In the beginning it is better to bring a friend or make up artist with you anyway!!! You wouldn´t believe the stories I heard from models that started out. Some photographers try to take advantage of the model beeing inexperienced and insecure and presses her to do things she regrets later or molests her. You can also allways ask the models the photographers worked with before what kind of person he is. A photographer that has nothing to hide will never have a problem if you get in contact with his former models.

If you like a photographers work tell it to him. Comment his pics or drop something in his guestbook. Who knows, maybe it leads to you two working together and even if not: We all need a kind word or two once in a while! Same goes for other models. It´s better to appreciate and support each others work than to cat-fight and be jealous. Especially in the pin up niche we are not that many ones so we should network and help as much as we can. To this belongs that you answer mails from other girls that want to get started and give them valueable tipps. The people you help and support will help and support you, too.

Well, maybe I´ll write more in the coming days, but those were some of the things I consider the most important so you get an realistic idea of a pin ups life.

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