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Dienstag, 12. Juni 2007

Busy Times

Hi dear readers!

Finally I get to report a bit on my trip to Stockholm... I had some quiet busy times...

It were wonderfull 5 days filled with fun! We had sunshine and warm weather on every single day! When we arrived it was rainy and we started to worry cause me and John mostly brought summer-clothing and T-Shirts with us, but by the time we arrived in our holiday-apartment the sun came out and never left since.

We were in the district Marieberg which is just a bridge and like 2 busstations away from Södermalm which is THE hotspot for 2nd Hand shoppers and we were like 10 minutes by bus from the trainstation. Our apartment was in walking distance to the sea and it was CHEAP. It was a small apartment with one room and a small kittchen, but for two people that´s enough. (Plus my apartment is just 30 qm big, so we are used to small places).

We arrived in the evening so we just went to the super-market to pick up some food and than went to bed. We woke up at about 6 in the morning so we were able to start with a relaxed little breakfast and headed off to Södermalm for an extreme Vintage-Shopping-Tour! There are more than a dozen of shops and we almost made it to all of them. I got me a prety cape, a skirt thats probably from the 60s, a 50s bustier and bunches of vintage magazines... I got to say those stores were better sorted than in Germany. Here you mostly see bunches of trashy 70s and 80s stuff in the stores - in Sweden the stores are more sorted. Off course you get there 70s and 80s, too, but it doesn´t overlap so much most of the time. There are many stores specialised on the 60s and earlier and the prices were in most stores very very good. (Like about 20 Euro for a 50s bustier in wonderfull shape or less than 1 Euro for a vintage magazine).

The day after that we went to see the ship Vasa (Probably Swedens biggest embarrasment since it sank in the 17th century on the first day it went to water after 1200 m, Skansen which is a beautifull open air-museum inclunding re-enactors for times from 17th century to the 19th century. There you find old mansons, farms and animals that live in Sweden and the nordic museum which had a georgous exibition on vintage clothes.

And on day 3 we went to meet Brian Hobbs (you maybe remember him from my "Talented Myspace friends" blog) and had some chinese food together. It was really nice to meet him in person. We also desperately tried to find a Cd that just wasn´t available anywhere. I had given my promise to bring some for my friends anni and Benji, but the Cd wasn´t realeased yet so I couldn´t fullfill it (unfortunetly I went to about 10 Cd stores before I realised that).

When we got home both of us were sad cause we would have loved to stay in Sweden, but well.... it´s all about the money. During the weekend I also got to met my friend Viola and her husband. We hadn´t seen for years, since she moved to England and got married there so it was really nice to see her again and share the nice and not so nice memories from the past. And I got to see Switzerlands Sweetheart Zoe Scarlet that was dropping by Düsseldorf to go to a biiiiig fleamarket. I also worked on a dress and I will start to work on a super-cute skirt tonight so one can tell I have busy times behind me... ;-)

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