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Montag, 10. September 2007

A bad day turning good

Hi everyone!

This day started not THAT well. I had to get up very very early to go to a meeting and once I was back home I fell asleep. I was so tired that when John asked me how it was I was just able to say "short" and fell back to sleep.

I finally woke up and since I finally got info on where to find the Nostalgia Line by Naturana I was heading to town to check it out... Buuuuut the shop didn´t have it and couldn´t tell me when exactly it would arrive. I went back home rather depressed cause I was soooo enthusiastic on trying it on and maybe buying a piece or two. (I just sold things on ebay so I had a bit money to spare).

So back again I was checking out the site of What Katie did (actually to write something on the forum) and realised their next collection is available for pre-order NOW. You now the sheer Cabaret line about which I posted a few days ago. As a reminder: http://www.the-lingerie-post.com/bra/what-katie-did-lingerie-aw-2007.html Now they just take credit card and stuff which I just don´t have and I was depressed AGAIN! But than I was clever enough to send a mail to Ars Vivendi asking if they´ll stock it to and sure they will! My day is saved!

I predict a upcoming shooting with glistening pasties alla Tempest Storm....

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