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Sonntag, 16. September 2007

Düsseldorf - Frankurt and back

Hi everyone!

Yesterday I took a looooong train-ride! John, Anni and me wanted to go to Frankfurt cause a band we know since a few years said to me "Oh, that´s not that far away from you, isn´t it? Why don´t you come and say hi?". We bought us a weekend-ticket (that´s the slowest bt cheapest option to travell by train) and off we went: Our goal Frankfurt/Main aka Mainhattan one of the biggest citys in Germany.

The first train was so full we couldn´t sit down and it was late so we couldn´t get the train we were supposed to take after that. So we were hanging out for a hour in Cologne and than got the next one. We had to change train one more time and where just 1 hour away from Frankfurt when we got a call from the band "Hi, we just arrived in Berlin. Where are you?" Now you got to know that Frankfurt Main is far from Berlin. There is a small town named Frankfur Oder in the North-East, actually almost in Poland which is not by any means close to me. They didn´t knew there are two Frankfurts so they didn´t tell and we assumed they´d mean the only Frankfurt that was close to me. Now it would have taken 16 hours by train to go there, so we decided to just drive back home again and go out for dinner. We spended 7,5 hours in trains and on train-stations that day and drove 316 kilometers.... Today I just wanna relax... No train-rides for me today..... ;-)

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