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Mittwoch, 10. Oktober 2007

Everybodies darling

Hi everyone!
I received the latest Ars Vivendi Newsletter with the latest offers and infos and guess whose making of video is their favourite link of the month? Yeah you guessed right, it´s ME! Is there a better way to start Saturday morning?

By the way, they offer 10 Euro discount right now when you buy items for at least 50 Euro and enter the code "47E2844B2D" when you check out. This offer is valid until the 15th of October.

Just click here to start shopping: http://www.ars-vivendi.de/shop/catframe.asp?vp_id=affilinet

And while we are on the topic: Kiss me Deadly lingerie released some new lingerie set that are super-adorable. Here I post my favourites:

The Vargas Girdle:
I absolutelyunderstand why it´s called the Vargas girdle. The pastell colours are like from a Vargas-Painting for sure.

The Sirena Bra:
Really enchanting in my oppinion. Though I´m honestly not that much in it for the panties since they are so low-cut.

Since Ars Vivendi also released Kiss me Deadlys Alouette-line I´m in hopes they gonna stock those, too, when they are released in November.

I finally received my Knittax-Knitting maschine yesterday and I think it´s cursed. First it fell on my right big toe (The next 15 minutes I spended jumping around and biting in my pillow, but it´s not broken and just hurts a bit now) and hit me on my knee, that I was placing it next to my kittchen-door and hit my left foot with a needle. Thank god I´m not a foot-fetish model cause I´m quiet sure that there´ll be a big scar. If you ask me my Knittax tries to kill me. But I´ll read the manual today and try to do something with it. If you don´t hear from me in the next week it managed to kill me.....


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