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Donnerstag, 15. November 2007

The importance of beeing honest

Hi everyone!

I got to think about how important honesty is. Both to be honest to others and to be honest to yourself cause you learn from it. This doesn´t mean that you are supposed to be rude. Honesty mixed with politeness is the way to go cause if you suggest something nicely you are more likely to suceed.

- If something is your fault admit it. Especially if it´s easy to blame someone else. People will value you the more for it. Who knows if you blame others you maybe get in a situation where others blame you, too and it breaks your neck.

- Be honest when you´ve let yourself gone loose. I admit that lately I didn´t do cute hairstyles as I used to do for work. So now I´ll be going to the hairstylist in december and hope he´ll be honest with what style suits me. ;-) I´ll look better and feel better now that I admitted my loose ways to myself.

- Be honest if you don´t wanna do something. I know it is hard, but sometimes you got to say no if you see nothing good will come out of it. I often have to decline photographers cause their style and their technique doesn´t fit my requirements andtaste. I´m sorry to turn them down, but at least I answer their mails with request, even when I´m negative about it cause that´s polite and since they took the time to write to me I might as well should take the time to at least give a reply. It can happen that on a later time a photographer has moved to a point further or that he´s now exactly the one that I need for a project. He´s more likely to work with me when he remembers me answering politely and honest than when I didn´t answer at all or was rude. Don´t spend time saying yes, when you mean no. It´s easier to do than to spend time with something you don´t want

- Be honest about how you feel. If you catch yourself beeing jealous on someone think about your reasons and than work on it. Jealousy is a ugly feeling. Also be honest if you are uncomfortable about something and think about why it is like that. Work on yourself and become a happy beeing. :-)

So be honest to others and to you. It will make your life richer :-)

Have a wonderfull day!

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