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Samstag, 3. November 2007

A word on diets

Hi everyone!

I got to share my anger a bit. Over the past weeks I heard about so many nasty things and now it´s really been enough!!! Part of my "modelling-thingy" is that I´m off course in several model-communities where models can get to know photographers, designers, stylists etc and can network with each other.

I have no problem wether a model is smaller in frame or bigger in frame cause both can be beautifull, but it seems not everyone shares that oppinion. For one thing I heard about a model that is really tiny like XS at least and photographers really seem to bother her with telling her she has problem zones on her upper legs and would have some on her belly and bla bla bla. If you don´t like a models look just go and book someone else.

Plus I readed in another ladies sedcard-text that I even know personally that she won´t work with photographers that tell her they´d shoot with her if she´d drop some weight. I know that beautifull lady personally and I find her drop-dead georgous with all her curves at the right places. She is right to turn down those people!!!

A third case occured. I signed up in a community AGAINST dieting (If you have health-issues due to extreme overweight it´s off course advisable to work on yourself, but not for a healthy lady with a normal figure to chase a slim-model-size zero). I signed out to find out the very thing they discuss about most is..... DIETS and which one worked best for them. Come on! That´s not the point of the group. I signed out after observing things for a while.

I´m not the tiniest girl, but I would never think of loosing 20 pounds or even more to squeeze myself in XXS clothes. The only reason that those people don´t get a hold of me is probably cause they see I have been released in books/newspapers and modelled clothing for some companies.

In the beginning when I was slimmer than today and about to start I met a photographer that told me (I weighed maybe 110 pounds (55 kg) beeing a 5´6 (1,68m)) that I was too fat and that I could just do nudes. What was his point in meeting me after all (in advance he had gotten a mail from me with my exact meassures and photos)? To get my clothes off me I guess. This and another negative experience almost made me give up before I even started. What the ***** is actually going on? When will people learn that it´s totally ok to look the way you look no matter if you are slender, tiny or have curvy frame? If you don´t like someones look don´t make him feel bad cause YOU have a problem.

Bettie Page was rather small in frame while Jayne Mansfield was entitled to be "larger than life". Both were popular among the men.

Ladies out there. If you feel well the way you are stay like that, wether you are a XS or a XXXL. If you´re not don´t do a diet or start a eating-disorder. Inform yourself about how you can make food that is more healthy for you if you got to drop a bit or see if you have negative habbits that you should controll better (When I stopped drinking coke it had a big positive effect on me). Crash-diets are just not good for your body and you´ll get a jo-jo effect. But NEVER NEVER let any idiot that you don´t even know make you feel bad about yourself!!! Be proud! (And kick their... you know what I mean)

If you feel bad due to beeing overfeed with tiny models through our media get yourself a good pin up book (like 1000 pin up girls or History of mens magazines) and look at the photos. There are all kinds of girls in there and they all are pretty in their way. And why? Cause everyone has a different taste!

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