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Mittwoch, 26. Dezember 2007


Hi everyone!

We just got home from X-Mas with my family yesterday and today we will go to Johns. We had so much fun until now so ´m positive it will go on...

This was Johns and my first X-Mas that we spend together (before he allways had to work X-MAs eve and I allways go home to the family in advance to have some extra-time with them. We went to a beautifull X-Mas market at the 23rd and got nice presents for his parents and two nice litle feather fans for me (I´ll never find out why someone would sell feather-fans in his tea-shop, but it must have been destiny since they happened to be the last ones left). 24rth was a real hardcore-programm:

First visiting my father and his family with potatoe-salad and sausages and some cookies. The men played chess and I cuddled my cute little niece Kassandra. Than at 3 pm John and me took off to my other half of the family and went to my great-grandma, her son (my grandfather), my aunt, Mom etc. There we ate cake and drank coffee and than we all got our presents. Mom tells me every year not to be disappointed cause "it´s not that much this year". I think she allways means it serious, but so far I never was disappointed. I got a nice cuddly blanket, many, many new books on Vintage fashion and vintage lingerie, The new Boss Hoss album (the special edition including live DVD), a Scrubs DVD from Season 4, the first season of Rome and a compilation with the best of Max Raabe.

The New Year weekend will be a DVD weekend for sure! Originally we planned a pirate weekend with yummy food, rum and coke and all three parts of Pirates of the Caribean, but a Roman weekend is just as cool!

We left yesterday in the afternoon to go back home. After all it was a fun time (eventhough mydear relatives start to tell every X-Mas the most embarrassing childhood stories to everyone that can´t escape in time)

Back in Düsseldorf I realisd my mail-box was full of stuff, too! Some cds sended by Benji in Switzerland (We know each other since 10 years of something and he´s one of the nicest guys I know) and the photo-cds sended in by Guchot and Majana and there is so much good stuff on them!!! I havent had so many photoshopped photos to choose from in AGES. When I find some time I´ll upload them and add them to the blog :-) But for today my parents in law to be have priority ;-)

I hope you all had a very merry X-Mas!!!

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