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Donnerstag, 20. Dezember 2007


Hi everyone!

Tommorow I´ll leave to go to the Odenwald where my family lives (and there is the original Frankensteins castle -no kidding).

They got internet there this year, but as X-Mas will be busy I doubt I´ll have time to stop by for some blogging

See you later aligator!

Photos of the Odenwald:

Frankensteins real castle that inspired Mary Shelley:

Another castle just in my Moms neighborhood:

In our neighborhood, too - the remains of a big Roman house:

10 Minutes by car: Michelstadt where the complete old-town looks like a time-travel to medival (fortunetly hardly any bombs in WWII that´s why almost all the old buildings stayed)

Historywise a extremely cool place.... But if you look forshopping and party it´s not exactly THE place to go ;-)

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