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Samstag, 2. Februar 2008

It is very very cold!

Yesterday we realised that our heating-sytem doesn´t work anymore. And the janitor wasn´t home so he couldn´t repair it. So we spended the night sleeping rather dressed under two blankets each and I still woke up freezing.

And the next morning we found out why. It must have been the coldest night 2008. what sounded like rain in the night was actually rain mixed with snow and it still lays around outside. And it´s still ice-cold. Minus degrees. We should keep raw meat in our living room as it wouldn´t get bad there. John is a fan of sleeping with open windows and even he was freezing....

And on top I got to go to the super-market now cause we have no milk left for a hot hot caramel macciatto.... Well, I´ll buy me a decadent breakfast and go outside.... Actually I planned to make a video today and sew a little, but it seems I´ll stay in bed once I´m back and ring the janitor out of bed once it is a decent time. If I wouldn´t know the janitor myself I´d think it´s the mean janitor in "Scrubs"

A freeeeeeeeezing Sari

Edit: On the way home from drinking milk I met my janitor and now my heater is repaired. IT slowly, slowly starts to get warmer in here so I can have my breakfast without wearing gloves ;-)

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