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Donnerstag, 14. Februar 2008

What a week

This week is a very, very hard one. Tons of work! My workmate has a vacation this week and there´s so much to do!!!! I work more than usually and I know that there is still work to do when I go back tommorow.... But it´s almost Friday and this keeps me alive ;-) And next week he´ll be back and the stress will be over... Oh my... how will it be in summer when he´s gone for 3 weeks?! I guess I´ll need a vacation just after it myself...

For the weekend I decided to give me a tread and bought me two test-sets by Dr. Hauschka. Their stuff is damn expensive and that´s why I never tried it. I just can´t justify spending that much on a cream or something to me. Weleda is already on the limits of what I volunteerly spend on cleansers. I´m a sucker for biological natural cleanser stuff. Anyway: I got me a box of testers for the face and a box of testers for baths and body oils for 10 Euro each. It´s spa-time! And oh yeah I deserved it after this stressy week!

So we now got the Space Control DVD box and we so love it! It´s such a shame that there are only 7 epsodes cause it´s just grande! Watch the background whenever there are scene in the space-casino and you´ll see the slithly creepy and weird 60s dance. Now all dances in the 60s look weird to me, but this one beats it all. John and me tried to imitate it, but we have to laugh so much that we never got very far...

Next weekend (the weekend after that one) I´ll be having my first shooting for this year and there is more that I´m planning. I have two more ones planned that will be tons of fun. Remember I planned to shoot more and so this is what I´ll do ;-) There´s also some stuff where I wait for further information so keep your eyes peeled...

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