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Samstag, 16. Februar 2008

Whereever you go - take a onion with you

...that´s what John tells me cause it´s supposed to be good against colds to have a half onion laying next to you. Honestly I never heard of that before but it can´t hurt to try. It reminds me on my childhood though when my Mom and aunt tried to remove a wart on my nose with placing a snail on it. The snail died and they had to go to the doctor with me afterwards anyway :-( But well that´s like 20 years ago. May the snail rest in peace.

Anyway I have a feeling that the pain in my throat gets better, however my nose is running like crazy. I hope that´s a good sign... After all it shines in the dark.

However I did my spa-thingie for today:

Review: The face-wash-cream smells urgh so I think I stay with Benefits "Honey snap out of it". The rest is pretty good though and since I have tons of it left I´ll continue using it for the next few days. I sort of like the face tonic and the face milk. However it´s not really in my price-range so I´ll stick with Weleda-products which I really love, too.

I really consider visiting a lingerie-making course which is just around the corner. I think I´d love to do my own lingerie! I´d also love to do my own corsets, but I couldn´t find any workshop or course for it yet. At least not in Germany.

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