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Dienstag, 19. Februar 2008

PReparing for a shooting

since I´m in the middle of preparing for my shooting this weekend I thought I might as well post a how to on preparation ;-)

- check your shooting outfits! When I choose them I allways also put them on. You never know if you might lost or gained a few pounds. Both can be very unflattering. You don´t want to panic in the studio or on location because you realise your stuff doesn´t fit anymore. Also bring a wide choice of clothes - you and the photographer might get some spontanious ideas and it´s better to have a little bit more than.

- stocking check: Put on your stocking-gloves (In case you don´t have any try: http://www.ars-vivendi.de/shop/info.asp?product_group=901209&product_code=leaf_11129&search_mode=&search_group=&fct=&search_str=&sid=&retpage=/shop/catalog.asp&page=4&from= ) and check your stockings for any damages and off course if you have the matching stockings all together ;-)

- references: It doesn´t hurt to take your favourite pin up book with you as an inspiration for poses, expressions, etc. it also makes things easier to understand what your photographer wants and what you want if you can show a picture. Also if you are fortunate to have a Make up and Hair Stylist cause not everyone has practise in emulating pin up styles like that you save tons of time explaning and just can flip through it together and find out what works an what doesn´t.

- shave the day before the shooting so your skin has time to relax. Addionally I also put a big fat layer Bodybutter by Bodyshop on my legs and they´ll be cellulite-free the next day. I also apply facial masks the day before. Check your nail-polish and file your finger and toe-nails.

- if you are doing hair and make up yourself you have to try the hair-styling at least once before you use it for a shooting. It is way more likely that it works out if you know what to do. You can also get a bit after pressure when you got to hurry up with getting ready... If you do your make up for a shootingfor the first time: Don´t do it like your daily make up. You need tons and tons of colour. LEt´s say you apply blush. In your daily use you´d take a tiny tiny bit so it looks natural. For photos this would be practically invisible so you do an almost clownesque version of it. Same goes for eye-shadow. The lightning "swallows" a lot of the colour. If you feel like a dragqueen and wouldn´t dare to go out like that the make up is just right.

-even if you know that there´s a make up artist bring some basic stuff for the case of cases so you can do your own styling if needed.

- exchange phone-numbers with the photographer so you can reach him if something unforeseen happens. My trains are regulary late. Mostly just a few minutes, but if it´s for a longer time I let my photographer know that he doesn´t need to hurry with picking me up or can drink a cup of coffee while waiting. Or if you go by car and get caught in a traffic yam. Better let him know. Be a responsible person cause they might worry if you come after all or if something bad happened to you. I mostly send them a SMS when I´m on my way.

If you follow that advice I´m quiet sure there won´t be any unpleasant surprises for you when shooting.

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