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Samstag, 22. März 2008

Eastern for Snow bunnies

Yesterday it was snowing snowing snowing!!! Here are some pics that I made standing on Moms balcony:

You can hardly see the hills, the fields and the forrest since it´s so snowy...However the snow is already gone, but it´s supposed to snow tommorow again. Seems like the easter-bunny won´t have to colour the eggs in order to hide them ;-)

So today my Mom, my aunt and me will go and eat chinese food.... And we´ve been eating the same dish for..... I think 15 years or something... Duck allá Lotus.

Tommorow I go and visit my fathers family and see my little niece again. I´m soooo curious how she looks now :-)

However I miss John, that had to stay in Düsseldorf cause he has to work today. It´s weird to sleep alone in a bed. I´ve rarely done that in the past 2,5 years! :-(

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