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Dienstag, 4. März 2008

Hooray for health

Today I went to see the doctor cause one of my lymph knots keeps getting big and small big and small all day. But alas. He says I´m healthy and he has the same since years. Oki Doki. If it didn´t kill my doctor it surely won´t kill me. However when I asked his assistant to suscribe me to be ill for today since I wouldn´t have gotten to work at a decent time she said "just for one day?" sceptically. "Yes for one day" I answered. "Are you sure?" she asked. So now I know if I ever wanna be suscribed ill even though I´m healthy I can go there *lol*. But off course I didn´t do it. I´ve been ill so many times lately that I really don´t wanna make a bad impression at work. I can still stay at home when I´m really ill.

However this left me tons of time at home for today. So I decided to make a bright green petticoat. What´s the use of a bright green petticoat, you ask? You gonna see it when I have one of my next shootings ;-) And I finally got the bee-fabric. But I don´t feel motivated to start with it today. However I have a great idea for wings cause yesterday I realised that I didn´t plan any wings yet and that a bee without wings looks sort of stupid!

Yesterday I tried the LJ-cut and it spoiled my whole entry so I killed the whole entry as nothing in it worked. I think I hate the lj-cut

I´ll prepare my world famous paprica-meat-tomatoe sauce for tonight now.... And maybe, maybe I start to at least cut out the bee-outfit. I wanna finish it in the next 3 weeks ya know....

Oh and here´s another making of from last week...

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