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Montag, 10. März 2008

How to start your day extra-bad

Yesterday it was in the news: The big train-strike is over, but there can be some minor delay with the trains on Monday... Oki Doki... So I was standing at my station and no train came at all. So I took the tram to the central station since it´s more likely that a train will leave there... From about 20 trains arriving there normally 16 were cancelled and one was late. That leaves three left over trains - that just don´t go in my direction. No panic... there was a train announced to come that would go to my destination. I was running to the platform and one minute before the train was supposed to arrive they announced it beeing cancelled. Holy Moly!

So I went to get me some black tea and observe the schedule. It was about 7:40 when there was a train supposed to leave... And it was 10 minutes late. But I don´t want to complain as there was at least ONE going. So tody I got to work about 1,5 hour late!!! This ios not what I call minor delays!!! (John told me he saw in the news that there are some slight delays, but that over all the connection work fine. ha!). And all of this while there isn´t a strike. Imagine how it would have been WITH a trike.

Tell me why I don´t like Mondays!

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