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Iam a German 40s/50s/60s Pin up Girl, Retro Addict and Weirdo. I love make up, to craft, do photoshootings and collect vintage clothes/ lingerie. In my blog you can read all about it, mashed up with my thoughts about fashion/styling.


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Sonntag, 18. Mai 2008

Pin up Anniversary - free cookies for everyone

So yeah, finally the time has come! I´m officially a pin up since 4 years!!!! Incredible! To me it feels like I started yesterday.

Eventhough I got to admit many many things canged since. Back when I started I weighted 10-13 Kilo less, however I had a hard time finding any sponsors which is now not the case anymore (so much about thatyou got to be skinny to be sucessfull as a model). In my first photos you never see me smile biggle cause I had complexes about my teeth until I tested to smile biiiiig and realised it doesn´t look that bad - rather good. And at first I didn´t like stockings since they are considered so naughty nowadays - until I realised what they can do for my legs. I learned to sew cause it´s cheaper than buying every shooting-outfit yourself. Yes I did learn a lot in those 4 years (including how to do my hair). 

I have got to know where lovely people and barely any bad-natured ones. Unfortunetly at the same time I saw many international pin up girls come and go. Many of those that were active back in the days are just not around any more. However I´m allways glad to see new pics of a familiar face or realise they model for any companies I know. After all we all are sort of sisters in spirit and more or less everyone knows everyone (at least those that have been around for a while)!


And I think to myself it´s a wonderfull world!

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