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Samstag, 24. Mai 2008

Thank god I´m a country girl

The Odenwald is not really the most interesting place in the world, unless you are mad about forrests and fields. The castles and antique houses add a bit of interest, but besides that there is barely anything. We are known for our beer, Michelstadts X-Mas market, Ivory Carving, Jessica Schwarz and the world champion in table tennis. We are more or less a black spot on the map.

However I discovered a interesting photographer team based there: http://www.sideview-inn.de Off course I dropped them a mail :-) Let´s see if they are intersted in working with me. I allways get the country-blues after a few days back home so a shooting during a Höchst-vacation would surely lift me up. Don´t get me wrong. I like to visit my family, however if your daily routine is only to visit grandma, eat and walk the dog you are not really throughly entertained... ;-) I´m thrilled about anything interesting in Odenwald!

I received the Timeless magazine today (that´s how I discovered them) and it´s a funny article about the Plymouth Fury with that I modelled some time ago and how much more convinient it is to use the backseat if you compare it with Pony Cars *lol*. I wanna send one of them to my Mom and i´m sure she´ll have a giggle on the text. She already got a thrill on the article acompanying my making of on Express TV so....

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