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Donnerstag, 15. Mai 2008

Planning and Planning

Do you believe me that today I copied a city-plan of stockholms quarter Södermalm, researched the exact position of the Vintage-stores I wanna visit, numbered them and put those numbers all over the copy? If that´s not typical for my country I don´t know what is! It´s as typical as beer and brezel. And as reserving the beach-seat with a towel ;-) And all that eventhough Miss Tifa that lives in Stockholm will probably join me shopping anyway and knows best where to go. But a girl has to be prepared. Especially when she found out that she gets lots of money back that she can invest in pretty outfits... :-D

So besides writing down and marking a total of 27 vintage shops in one map I did nooooooooothing. Ok, I did my hair, but my extra-long hair-routine is a regular on Saturdays. And I saw 2 episodes of "Scrubs" in TV that I didn´t know yet (believe me that´s rare. I have seen every season at least once so you can tell that´s a rare thing happening). I wanted to sew, but I didn´t have the energy and the post-delivery of a book on 60s hair didn´t really help ;-) I wait for John to come back from work so we can buy the food for the weekend...

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