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Mittwoch, 4. Juni 2008

I´m sorry but I have to leave you

My dear curling iron,

since you just didn´t make me (or better my hair) hot anymore I had to replace you with something young and steamy... However you have something in common. Both of you are cord-less and go with the same gas-patrons (so I can recycle those I have left). I know we had wonderfull 4 years and I made my first tries of haircurling with you. However I hope you understand I have to replace you with a younger sister of yours.... Rest in Peace dear Miss Braun.

So yeah. I got me a new curling iron today and it even has a STEAM function. I can´t wait to try it out so that´s what I´ll do tonight.... :-)

I bought two more 60s hair books on ebay for like 13 Euro :-) And I watch some hair-books at the moment. I have a feeling hair-books come in cycles... Sometimes nothing for months and than BANG there are all the books I´m looking for...

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