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Mittwoch, 18. Juni 2008

Tough days

The past 4 days were extremely tough. My great-grandma has to be taken care of almost 24 hours a day. So my Mom is there from early morning to late evening (we join her just after breakfast and leave a few hours earlier to walk the dog home) and my aunt puts her into bed and comes to watch after her every hour all night. So yes, we have a very hectic schedule. A bit less tough than my Mom and aunt, however not very relaxing. But we are over the worst: The funeral was today and it wasn´t as horrid and bad as we all feared it to be. It was hard, but we are sort of glad it is finally over. Well, as glad as you can be in such a sad situation.

Tommorow John and me will have breakfast with my great-grandma and than leave for home again. We want to try and make the best of the rest of our vacation and badly need some cheer up now. I´d love to do a shooting and I´ll probably go to Arthur and have my hair cut and my streak re-coulored. We didn´t have much sleep lately and wanna make up for it, too. I look out for every way to distract myself from thinking too much.

My poor Mom and aunt will have to go on with the daily routine until Sunday when they will get a new helper to stay.

In the possesions of my grandfather I found a book on photography from 1954. It is the only thing I have taken for now. I just cant take anything more as it just feels wrong for the moment. I told my mother though, that before they put away all this I wanna come again and sort out all the things I wanna keep. My grandpa has many vintage books from his youth including interesting things about WW II such as a book with stories about X-Mas 1947 that I wanna keep plus his huge collection of fairy tale books. Also many books on antiques. I´d go mad if they throw it away without me having a look at it!!!

My aunt also keeps all the old letters of my family so I can take them over some day. Whenever I stumble over a old book that has a dedication written it it it just breaks my heart that someone gave it away since it was of value to someone at a time. Yes, I´m a old bookworm.

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