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Sonntag, 15. Juni 2008


We will have to cancel our vacation alltogether because we can´t pay the rebookment. The website says you can only pay it via bank-account if you change booking less than 10 days in advance and otherwise just with a credit-card. I don´t even know someone with a credit-card I think?! In Germany only the rich ones and wealthy business men have it and I don´t really hang out with rich ones and wealthy business men :-( If no wonder happens I have to cancel it all tonight.

My grandpa and my great-grandmother have been hiding all their saving at home!!! They must be insane! all the time different people are hired to live with them and take care of my great-grandmother Luise. Imagine they had just found and taken it. They wouldn´t have had ANYTHING LEFT! We want Luise to take the money and have a nice life for the rest of her time. She´ll turn 99 this year and as she probably has not that much time left anyway we want her to have all the comfort and luxury she can take for her last years. there is a last will leaving my grandfathers money all to me, my Mom and my aunt, but that will is from 1990 - a time when my grandfather never considered he might won´t survive his mother.

I think I went through all phases from crying, depression, calming down and hysterics in two days now. We head off to my family today and I´m quiet sure we will go through at least 3-5 days more of funeral stress and depression, topped by hanging out for another week at home. I really didn´t plan my vacation to be like that :-(

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